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Flight Angels

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Here are more informations about becoming a flight angel with us!

First step is filling out a Flight Angels form to provide us with you name, phone number and flight details (date, flight locator, flight numbers) .

Then, we will call your airline to book and pay for a cabin or a cargo pet under your reservation.

Once you are at the airport for departur, Morelia

(owner of the Refugio Animal Holbox) will meet you at the Westjet or Air Canada check-in counter with the dog(s). She will check the dogs in at the same time as you are checking in.

Morelia will also have all the paperwork required for the dogs to travel (health certificate and vaccination booklet). She will give those papers to you. Because you will have to show customs at the arrival airport.

Just before the dogs get checked in Morelia will take them out for a last pee and poo at the green space by the Cancun terminal. She will check in the cargo kennels at the bag drop off (if you are transporting a cargo dog) and you will take the cabin bag with with you (if transporting small cabin dogs).

Before arrival into Canada when you fill out your declaration for customs make sure you say yes to the ‘live animal’.

Once you get to your destination, the dog kennels will be waiting at the over sized luggage section by the baggage carousel (bring a cart). Grab your bags and the dogs and they will send you to secondary customs. There you say you are volunteer couriers for adopted dogs from the shelter in mexico. Make it very clear they are ADOPTED and their owners are waiting at the exit for them.

An inspection fee and duty may be charged ( 30-50$). If they do please pay it and we will pay you back via etransfer.

The adopters will be waiting as you exit the International arrival area and you can give them the dog(s) and paperwork. We will give you their contact details so you can text when you land.

Application below -

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