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The Bergh-Brooks family

Our family has been fostering with Piña Perros for about a year now, although we have fostered previously as well. The thing that drew us to Piña Perros is how much care and thought goes into each animal. As a foster we’ve been totally supported. Every time we’ve had a question or needed help, we get it, but even more importantly, as people that sincerely love the dogs that have come through our home, it matters to us that they have successful adoptions with families that are over the moon for them. I believe that the careful selection of the right family for each individual dog and the fostering-to-adopt method they use, leads to real success stories. Being with this group, especially in such a turbulent time in our collective history, has reaffirmed my faith in humanity and we’ve met such amazing people along the way. It’s so easy to love the animals at a rescue, but the people that are part of Piña Perros are so genuine, that I can now call many of them friends too.

We are so lucky to be a part of this organization and look forward to many more paw prints on our hearts for years to come.

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