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The Martiniuk family and Poncho

About a year ago we were searching for a dog. We had talked about it but decided to wait until my husband was retired - the time finally felt right. We saw an add to adopt Poncho (then Onyx ) and reached out to Eliza @ Pina Perro’s dog rescue. That was Nov 12 , one week later we picked Poncho up and we’ve been loving him ever since.

Eliza and her team weren’t out to profit from these animals - they just wanted to give them loving safe and secure homes.

They also provided us with support after we got Poncho, they truly care about these dogs. He had all his current shots and was fixed. He has a sweet disposition and loves to run and play with other dogs - cats too and loves to cuddle .

It’s been a year yesterday since Poncho has come into our hearts and home and we couldn’t imagine our life without him. 🐾

Thank you Pina Perros for bringing us together.

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